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Intercontinental Collaboration on Endlesss

Highlights from a 10-Day, 24/7 Livestreamed Jam on Endlesss

Starting on Saturday, April 24th, members of the Endlesss community came together for a remote collaborative livestreamed jam on the Endlesss Twitch.

Featuring some special guests stopping in to jam – including Imogen Heap and StevieJ – the livestream was an impressive reflection of the depth of creativity on Endlesss, with too many highlights to count. Endlesss jammer oddStar accurately described this display of remote, real-time collaboration across continents at its halfway point:

"Imagine being at a five-day long nonstop concert featuring a super-talented 30-person rotating international band playing amazing, spontaneous music spanning many different genres."

Watch a selection of memorable moments from throughout the 10-day jam via the above playlist or on the Endlesss Youtube, and join the Endlesss community on Discord to take part in future livestreamed jams.


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