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Endlesss Weekly

Welcome to our regular round up all things Endlesss — from upcoming app updates to the latest happenings in the community.

New ways to explore, like and share

Website feature alert! Logged in users can like a rifff directly on the site, and we've added new ways to share what you've found — including a website embed option and a quick link to share to Twitter. There are also new ways to filter the Top Rifffs section, so you can check out the most popular rifffs from the past month, week or day. Check out what's hot on Endlesss right now!


Join the Weekly Community Call

Our weekly Heartbeat Call give you a chance to hear more about the latest developments across the platform and community.

Next call: Tuesday, March 22 at 5pm GMT (Click to find your time)

Where: Endlesss Discord in the Community Heartbeat voice channel.

Notes from last week's Heartbeat Call


Endlesss Stories littlewing

"The feeling of going so deep into a rabbithole of flow state with another jammer, to the point where you have no need to communicate at all, because everything that needs to be said is being said through the rifffs, and you feel like you're both high and underwater at the same time, and lose your sense of space and time.. and then you literally lift your head up and take a deep breath as you come out of it and realize wow, wow that was a deep flow."

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Rifff Spotlight

I just want you <3 — finnhollinworth & pulse_wav

Check it out on the Rifff feed. You can find more Rifffs on the Rifffs Page.


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