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AI meets multiplayer creativity

2023 has been as big a year for music creation as it’s been for our company! We’re excited to welcome more users, team members and investors as we build the place for music communities to play together.

By many metrics, the number of musicians making music is growing by double digits each year, with music creation platforms boasting upwards of 60m users. Just a few years ago, the number of tracks uploaded to Spotify each day was 60,000. This year it’s 120,000.

Now generative AI has entered the frame. Some say this will do musicians out of jobs, others say this will spark a revolution in recreational creativity.

We’re firmly in the second camp. We speak with many different music-makers and are learning that most are driven by developing skill, making friends and having their music heard by people who care about them. We see AI playing a huge part in helping people to progress their creative skills and interact with others.

This is why we’re excited to announce a partnership with Splice with a video showcasing how Splice’s new AI-assisted ‘Stacks’ feature is a great way to kick off a collaborative creative process in Endlesss. We had a ton of fun shooting the video and collaborating with the Splice team.

We’re also learning from our conversations that, unlike football, the world of music creation is built for premiere league players only. Football players (soccer to our US friends 👋) have access to clubs for all skill levels from junior 5-aside right up to the premiere league. Whether you’re a life-time 5-asider or Messi you can build your skill at your own pace, feel part of something and always have milestones within reach.

There is a huge need for this new breed of music creators to have social contexts where they can make meaningful progress with their peers without having to compete on premiere-league platforms from their very first note.

Naturally, we’re working on a solution to this and we’re incredibly excited to share more about what we’re building in the coming weeks.

We’re also excited for the expressive future that AI promises and how it will help transform music from a product we consume alone to a creative activity we do together.

Want to dive deeper into how we see the future and what we’re building? Reach out to


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