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Celebrating small artists with safe and inclusive spaces

Being a musician is a pursuit filled with both exciting highs and daunting lows, especially for those just starting out. Obtaining equipment, finding the best software, and promoting oneself can be challenging enough without feeling disconnected from music communities.

The pandemic caused a significant setback for the industry – one that it’s still recovering from – but remote collaboration has allowed for incredible projects, albums, and virtual events to become more prolific. Despite these advancements, however, nothing compares to the creative magic that comes with combining creativity and innovation with live music and being surrounded by other passionate musicians.

Despite the music industry's claim to be an open platform for expression, smaller and less established musicians often encounter barriers due to discrepancies in representation across various platforms, which are based on factors such as their background, disability, beliefs, gender, and sexual identity. Established artists have dedicated years to creating safe spaces and promoting acceptance, but new artists may not have access to such resources or even know of their existence. This effectively perpetuates silos that make it challenging to gain recognition and feel encouraged and safe enough to fully express themselves.

To combat this issue, smaller and more inclusive communities like our monthly series of events, The Endlesss Mixer, are becoming increasingly important. Our aim is to bring together music lovers of all kinds in a cozy yet innovative space at our HQ in East London, providing live music and a platform for networking afterward.

Our Mixer has been fortunate to attract exceptionally talented musicians like Ruby Duff, a singer-songwriter and music connoisseur whose dreamy vocals combined with her guitarist's acoustic sensibilities resulted in an unforgettable performance. As Ruby noted, community lies at the heart of music, and we're incredibly proud to provide a space where artists, musicians, and music lovers alike can come together and create something truly special.

Want to experience it for yourself? Come to one of our Mixers!


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