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Endlesss 2022 in Review: Jams, Beats, and Endlesss Treats

This has been a busy year for us! Here’s a few things we’re celebrating, and some more to look forward to in 2023…

✨2022 Highlights✨

✨What we launched this year✨

  • Plugin Hosting — You can now use VSTs and AU instruments and effects with Endlesss, on iOS and Desktop! This one was a monumental push for us, but so worth it when we heard all of the wonderful new sounds you are using on Endlesss.

  • Presets — Along with plugins, we made it easy to create presets, so you can dial in your favourite settings and easily recall them without diving into the plugin interface.

  • Web player — Along with the marketplace came big leaps in our web player experience, so you can tune in live to jams and listen along.

  • Artist Profiles — It’s now easier than ever for you to showcase your music on Endlesss. Every user now has a publically viewable profile on web and in the app.

  • Following — Of course if you visit a profile you can also hit the follow button! This comes with a personalised feed, so you never miss a Rifff from your faves.

  • Missions and Challenges — We built a custom framework for creating ‘on rails’ Endlesss experiences, which we’re using to deliver a growing series of onboarding ‘missions’ for new users to get to grips with our apps, and exciting new challenges where you can compete to make the best Rifff.

  • Drag and Drop stems — It’s easy to grab some files and drop them over into Endlesss, so that unfinished song you’ve had sitting on your hard drive for years can be shared to our charts in minutes!

  • Charts you say? Yes! We launched our new weekly charts, where every week everyone and anyone can submit Rifffs and see who gets the most likes. The best part? Every Sunday our excellent Twitch hosts Kat and Dany put on a ‘Top of the Rifffs’ show to count-down the top 15, and the winners get a handsome reward!

  • Marketplace Beta — We’ve been testing digital collectibles with a small number of users and it’s been fascinating to dive into this world, in association with the NEAR foundation. More to come on this in the new year!

  • UI Refresh — We’ve been steadily refreshing the look of Endlesss from top to bottom with more improvements on the way.

All of this is adding up! We’ve taken a data-driven approach with all of our new feature developments. Through user testing and data analysis we’re also seeing big improvements in user experience, as well as all important activation and retention numbers.

✨The Endlesss Arcade Machine✨

Alongside a whole host of new exciting features, we’ve been here, there, and everywhere with upselling our new beat-making arcade, and the rising popularity has been a treat. In October, we sold our first ever Endlesss beat-making arcade machine to NBA basketball legend Baron Davis!

We’re also already in talks with many more high-profile artists about getting one through their doors in the coming months. Watch this space!

✨New hires and appointments✨

As Endlesss expands, so is our core team. We are now stronger than ever! This year, we appointed:

Our vision is coming to life, roll on 2023!

✨2023: The Next Phase of Endlesss✨

We could go on and on about what’s in store for next year, our excitement is hard to contain…but instead, let’s take a sneak peak at some planned highlights:

  • Endlesss Mixer — Endlesss HQ is a hit for networking, gigs, and event hosting, so we thought: why not make it a thing? The first of our monthly series of events will be taking place on January 12th, and we can’t wait to welcome you there!

  • Improved Creator Experience — We’re looking at a number of improvements to the core creator tools that will give you more flexibility as an artist and help you to sound better than ever!

  • Challenges — Yes, you heard it right: we’re going to be upping the ante on our challenges, bringing in regular opportunities for you to showcase your various talents.

  • Better Sharing — Ultimately we know that the final product is important, whether you’re sharing a Rifff in the app, exporting a video or using stems to construct a track, we want to make sure you have more control and high quality output.

  • Social features — In the coming months, we’re going to be rolling out homepage improvements, artist discovery features and deeper interactions like commenting. This way, you’ll be able to connect better and explore easier.

  • Notifications — We want to give you more control over what you hear about from us, and to help facilitate all of these new connections we know you’ll be making, so get ready for notification updates.

  • Quality and stability — We’re expanding our feature set at a rapid pace but we’re also consolidating design and architecture, and will be taking more time to make sure Endlesss is the best it can be.

Whatever your bag, we're excited to be sharing all of the above and more with you in the new year. Until then, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from all of the team here at Endlesss. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Team Endlesss


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