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Endlesss ceasing operations May 31

We announce today, with heavy hearts, that Endlesss Ltd will cease operations at the end of May.

Servers and apps are live until the end of the month. These services will cease to operate on Friday, 31st May. Endlesss' apps will no longer be accessible after this date.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all of you. There was a huge passion behind this project that many of you shared, creating a community rich with talent and friendship. Endlesss has produced incredible moments and lifelong connections, both online and in real life. We feel honoured to have contributed to the development of an app that has gathered such a loyal following.

We understand that many of you will be very disappointed to see the end of this journey. As a team we feel the same way. Many of the team members started out as users of the app and saw huge potential in its ability to facilitate musical creativity and collaboration.

We remain committed to the vision of collaborative music making, and are grateful for you joining us on this journey.

With love,

Team Endlesss


Javier Casas
Javier Casas
May 31

Thank you for making such an amazing application, glad to be part of the experiment.


May 29

If you actually cared you would open source and let us run our own servers.

Neil Brewitt
Neil Brewitt
Jun 10
Replying to

This would seem like a good place to post this gofundme campaign as it’s very much relevant.

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