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Endlesss Weekly — April 26, 2022

Welcome to the regular round-up all things Endlesss — from upcoming app updates to the latest happenings in the community.


Looking for some musical inspiration?

Check out the latest public jams in Endlesss, each with a different style prompt or vibe to get your musical ideas flowing.

  • 80s-90s Nostalgia: Skip through time from the age of neon lights and skinny ties to grunge and rave culture.

  • Acoustic Shore: Grab your favourite acoustic instrument and make music by the waves.

  • Beginner Jam #10: Always be beginning! A great place for users of all levels to experiment with the Endlesss instruments and FX.

  • Bermuda Triangle: Get completely lost in the 7/4 tempo of a microtonal sea.

  • Cyberpunk Synthetics: Heavy synth cyberpunk moods.

  • Dark Wave Cave: 24/7 lofi beats to chill/cry to. (Eyeliner optional.)

  • Grindcore: Get wild, fast and heavy with this jam created by Endlessser failsafe.

  • Low End Theory: Scare your neighbours with extreme sub bass frequencies.

  • Night Owl Techno!: Who needs sleep when you have techno?

  • Remix Inspo Series: Amazing jams inspired by amazing rifffs from Endlesss community members — this month featuring TPJ, Andymac, caerickson and Marky2coats.

  • Sampler Space: The Endlesss Sampler tool is full of tricks — try your hand at them here.

Have a suggestion for a great jam you'd like to see on the Endlesss main page? Make a suggestion on the Endlesss Discord server.


Join the Weekly Community Call

Our weekly Heartbeat Call give you a chance to hear more about the latest developments across the platform and community.

Next call: Tuesday, April 26 at 5pm BST (Click to find your time)

Where: Endlesss Discord in the Community Heartbeat voice channel

Notes from last week's Heartbeat Call


Endlesss Livestreams

UPCOMING STREAM: Katinkera will be hosting the Live Sessions show this Saturday, April 30 @ the Endlesss Twitch channel. This week's guests: Endlesss supergroup The Veltrons Interested in a performance slot? It's easy. First become a verified jammer on the Discord Server, then hop over to the Live Sessions channel to put your name in.


Endless Stories


Tell us about a favourite moment on Endlesss that you've experienced.

When I first started, I was hanging out in a public jam called Wide Awake Techno when suddenly shapednoise and mng joined. They instantly turned me just messing around into musical madness. I think that was the hardest I have chair danced in a long time. I had goosebumps.

How did you first hear about Endlesss? Shamanic and TheStuF mentioned it several times in the Beardyman Discord and it sounded fantastic.

What do you like most about Endlesss?

The best thing about Endlesss is the community. Being able to jam with people across the globe from all walks of life and experience is magical!

What's your favourite jam room? Why do you like it?

I definitely would say the Techno related jams are my favorites. I am also quite fond of the beginner jams, as it is one way to give back to the community and introduce new users to the riff etiquette.

Have an Endlesss story to tell? Take a few minutes to fill out this form.


Rifff Spotlight

bruised not broken — awro and badrico

Discover thousands more rifffs on the Rifffs Page.


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