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Endlesss Weekly

Welcome to our regular round up all things Endlesss — from upcoming app updates to the latest happenings in the community.

MIXTAPES: Arrange rifffs into songs & mixes

We’re excited to introduce MIXTAPES, a fully interactive prototype of the mixtape functionality that we’ll add to our forthcoming marketplace later this year.

Endlesss is all about keeping you focussed in the creative flow to accelerate your path to musical magic with minimal distractions. MIXTAPES applies these same principles to bring you a tool for curating and arranging your rifffs. Fire up Endlesss Studio, bash out some rifffs alone or together then drag and drop the best into MIXTAPES. Structure the layers of a rifff into a song with the arranger, then assemble them into beat-matched DJ mixes or back-to-back radio shows which you can record and save with the built-in recorder. MIXTAPES is a .ens file built in Native Instruments’ Reaktor. If you don’t have Reaktor, you can download it here and run it for free with some limitations. Hit the button below to download the MIXTAPES .ens and get started!

Pick up some rifffs, make some mixtapes and come and share them in our Discord!


Esssfest 2022: June 24-26

For the first time ever, we're hosting a weekend-long celebration of all things Endlesss — taking place in person at Endlesss HQ in London, UK.

Jam live, meet and hang with the community, and attend workshops and performances from featured guests. To find out more go to the Esssfest thread on Discord. Save the date and book your travel now!


Join the Weekly Community Call

Our weekly Heartbeat Call give you a chance to hear more about the latest developments across the platform and community.

Next call: Tuesday, March 29 at 5pm GMT (Click to find your time)

Topic: MIXTAPES demonstration by Tim Exile

Where: Endlesss Discord in the Community Heartbeat voice channel

Notes from last week's Heartbeat Call


Synthfest: April 1-3

Tune in to the Endlesss Twitch channel this Saturday, April 2 for the Endlesss portion of Synthfest — a free monthly international interactive electronic live music streaming festival. Endlesss will be bringing you 4 hours of live music from Odd Little Face, The Veltrons, Groove Bandits and Surtext beginning at 8pm GMT.


Endlesss Stories ludi

"Whether beginner or professional, you will find that Endlesss offers a way of making music that is incredibly flexible and powerful. It will show you things about making music that you've never experienced, and it will help you grow creatively. You will meet incredible people from all over the world, and collaborate with them instantly. You will find people that you want to work and play with musically, and there is a wonderful community of sharing and support. You will make friends. You will learn and grow. It might even change your life."

Have an Endlesss story to tell? Take a few minutes to fill out this form.


Rifff Spotlight

I don't care — marky2coats

Check it out on the rifff feed. Discover thousands more rifffs on the Rifffs Page.


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