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Feb 15, 2022: Endlesss Weekly

Welcome to our regular round up all things Endlesss — from upcoming app updates to the latest happenings in the community.


Endlesss Stories


At the start of lockdown I was a bedroom guitarist and I dabbled in percussion, aside from the odd “dad covers band” gig in the local pub and a couple of DJ mixes on Soundcloud nobody heard my musical output other than my long-suffering wife and child (and my cat, he digs the vibes.) However here we are a year and some later and I have written tracks, created music with more people than I ever thought possible, built strong friendships, and now I’m running a live music show with and for the community I’ve come to love... So glad I get to ride this party bus with you all and I can’t wait to see where we’re going to go next! Love you all. ❤️

Tune in for fancyspectacles' livestream on Saturday, Feb 26 at 9pm GMT on our Twitch Channel. • Hear his music on Soundcloud.

Have an Endlesss story to tell? Reach out on the #I ❤️Endlesss channel on Discord


Rifff of the Week

So many great rifffs lately, and this one on the Top Rifffs feed is a real standout. Here's "Via the Sun" from fry.

Check out more Rifffs directly in the app or on our website Rifffs Page.


Live Streams

We now have a rolling schedule of weekly livestreams with different hosts on the Endlesss Twitch channel.

This Week

Saturday, Feb 19 at 9pm GMT hosted by katinkera. Find your local time here.


Saturday, Feb 26 at 9pm GMT hosted by fancyspectacles Sunday, Mar 6 at 9pm GMT hosted by dsorce

Also be on the lookout for pop-up jams and streams from Endlesss users in the live-streams channel on the Discord.

Previous Streams

Check out an archive of Aura, an Endlesss community live stream focused on welcoming diversity, hosted by katinkera and featuring Firephly and Shamanic with support from ludi and TheStuF:


Weekly Heartbeat Call

Our weekly calls run by our community coordinators gives you a chance to hear more about the latest develops across the platform and community, and allows you to ask those burning questions and to give feedback.

Next call : Tuesday, February 15 at 5pm GMT

Theme : What kind of events would you like to see?

Where: Endlesss Discord in the Community Heartbeat voice channel.

Notes from previous Heartbeat Calls


Product Updates

The Endlesss team are mainly focused on taking the Live Jams web player further by building out the marketplace for collecting Rifffs from Live Jams.

We're also working on some exciting updates around the app, especially around hosting plug-ins directly in Endlesss Studio & Mobile! (!!!)

We're continuing to improve the app and platform and also focusing some time looking into the Rifff-level issues and any improvements we can make to Rifff stomping.


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