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Feb 22, 2022: Endlesss Weekly

Screenshot from Endlesss livestream on Feb 19. Check out the archive at

Welcome to our regular round up all things Endlesss — from upcoming app updates to the latest happenings in the community.


Endlesss Stories


"Endlesss is an amazing creative tool for any kind of musician. It brings you in the now. You can only go forward. It’s creative and intuitive in many ways. Being able to create and flow in a intuitive way and have a separate recording of every step you made is incredible. Endlesss is the reason I enjoy making music again, which I stopped completely for a long time. It came on the right moment, and made the recent difficult times a whole lot better. Being able to improvise, synchronise and socialize with artists in other timezones is still surreal to me."

Check out his music on Soundcloud. Tune in to hear tpj and hl perform live on the Endlesss Twitch on Saturday, Feb 26 at 9pm GMT.

Have an Endlesss story to tell? Reach out on the #I ❤️Endlesss channel on Discord


Rifff of the Week

Endlesss user naffk has been ripping up the feed lately with great techno rifffs. Here's "wolke":

Check out more Rifffs directly in the app or on our website Rifffs Page.


Live Streams

We now have a rolling schedule of weekly livestreams with different hosts on the Endlesss Twitch channel.

This Week

Saturday, Feb 26 at 9pm GMT hosted by fancyspectacles, featuring a performance from tpj and hl. Find your local time here.


Sunday, Mar 6 at 9pm GMT hosted by dsorce

Also be on the lookout for pop-up jams and streams from Endlesss users in the live-streams channel on the Discord.

Previous Streams

Check out an archive of last week's stream hosted by katinkera and featuring performances from caerickson, littlewing, stevie__j, Badrico, DeadKousin and fry. winkle89, and oddstar at

Littlewing has also been hard at work uploading these sessions to the Endlesss YouTube channel.


Weekly Heartbeat Call

Our weekly calls run by our community coordinators gives you a chance to hear more about the latest develops across the platform and community, and allows you to ask those burning questions and to give feedback.

Next call: Tuesday, February 22 at 5pm GMT

Theme: Planning EsssFessst: A Community Gathering

Where: Endlesss Discord in the Community Heartbeat voice channel.

Notes from previous Heartbeat Calls


Product Updates

The team are focusing on some outstanding issues in the next few weeks, especially around stability and jamming issue so look out for some announcements in the beta Discord channels around new builds!


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