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Help shape the future of Endlesss

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

We're equity crowdfunding on Seedrs!

Endlesss is a live collaborative music creation platform. We're turning music creation into a global conversation, and in the next year we will build out social features around our product to accelerate growth and retention. We would love you to be a part of our journey.

Over the next two months, we will offer stakes in Endlesss through private investments and the public equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. This will raise funds to allow us to add real-time social features to our music creation app, further empowering music creators and listeners to build relationships, audiences and communities around the magic of spontaneous creativity.

Pre-registration for priority access to our Seedrs campaign is open until Wednesday, August 4th.

In the spirit of collaboration, we are truly excited that you, our community, will get a chance to be a part of our company as it grows, as well as using our products and services to take part in and witness the magic of co-creation. In the words of Endlesss founder Tim Exile, "We live in an era where global platforms have created huge wealth for a tiny group of privileged shareholders. This is simply wrong. I believe there is a moral imperative for platforms where culture and communities form to provide opportunities for the community to own stakes in them, however large or small."

Pre-registration on Seedrs is only open from July 19th - August 4th, 2021 - sign-up on this page to get priority access for the private launch.

If you're on the priority list, you'll have exclusive early access to join our journey before the campaign opens to the public on Seedrs. You'll be able to ask questions on our discussion forum, and be among the first to help us reach our target.

For more information and updates, visit the Endlesss Discord or sign-up to our dedicated funding mailing list.

Read a blog post by Team Endlesss about how we're planning to build social features to empower the community.


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