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Listen to Influences, the Solo Electronic LP by Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, Made on Endlesss

The leader and vocalist of the Toronto indie-rock ensemble has released his debut album under the solo alias K.D.A.P.

"I’m driving a car I didn’t even realize I wanted to get into.” - Kevin Drew

Influences, the solo album by Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene released under the alias K.D.A.P., is an instrumental electronic record created entirely on Endlesss, and composed during the Covid-19 pandemic in and around London.

Kevin is an early fan of and advocate for Endlesss as a creative tool, previously going so far as to say "The name 'Endlesss' became a mantra to me."

In their review of the album, Exclaim! said that the tracks "prove just how far a seemingly simple beatmaking app — the aptly named Endlesss — can be pushed." In an interview with QRO Magazine, Kevin went further in-depth on his use of Endlesss to create the album, and in FLOOD talked more about this exploratory period:

In conjunction with the release of Influences, Kevin created a beautiful video with even more background on his surprise entry into the Endlesss universe and how it inspired the album, which you can watch by clicking the image below.

In the words of the label, Influences is “a slide show of intimate joyful moments playing out against a backdrop of a world on fire. It’s a dance record for the mind while the clubs are all closed, a rush-hour commute soundtrack for people stuck working from home. It’s a celebration of survival and an elegy for lost friends. It’s a reminder that excitement and anxiety often elicit the same heart-pounding sensation. And it’s the sound of someone who once forgot it in people remembering it in himself."

"I didn't have anything to say on this record,” Kevin admits. “But I had so much to feel.”


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