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Endlesss Weekly

Welcome to our regular round up all things Endlesss — from upcoming app updates to the latest happenings in the community.

A mock-up of a project by Endlesss user njlang.

Endlesss: Arcade Edition?!?

Okay, okay. Although it doesn't exist quite yet, at least one home-made prototype is on the way. Endlesss user njlang has been scheming big and hard at work developing this multi-player Endlesss arcade console at his home — complete with arcade button MIDI triggers and a speaker, running Endlesss on an old PC. You can read more and follow his progress on the Discord.

Latest Product Updates

"We've got some big updates currently in beta with lots of improvements included faster load times and signal chain fixes. If you are interested in trying these out before they go live, make sure to check out the #💬community-product channel on Discord. We should hopefully be releasing these later this week." — Elliot Greenhill, Head of Product

Join the Heartbeat Call

Our weekly Heartbeat Call give you a chance to hear more about the latest developments across the platform and community.

Next call: Tuesday, March 15 at 5pm GMT (Click to find your time)

Where: Endlesss Discord in the Community Heartbeat voice channel.

Notes from last week's Heartbeat Call

Endlesss Stories fry

"Endlesss allows me to just let go and create in a free form way without worrying about takes or spending ages poking around a DAW. My first ever jam with a group of really experienced jammers, I was able to join in immediately even though I didn't really know what I was doing and people did amazing things with whatever I added — blew me away!"

Have an Endlesss story to tell? Take a few minutes to fill out this form.

Rifff Spotlight

from averagemusician and badrico

Check out more Rifffs directly in the app or on the website Rifffs Page.


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