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Pixelord Releases Megamix of Tracks from Unfolding #2 on Endlesss

The Russian electronic artist curated the second edition of Unfolding, a collaborative release cycle by the Endlesss community reflecting the depth and breadth of musical creativity on Endlesss

Unfolding is a month-long event where the Endlesss community comes together to create a release on our Endlesss Traxxx label. It begins with a livestreamed, tag-team jam featuring artists selected by the cycle curator, and culminates in the release of remixes of this jam material on Endlesss Traxxx, with the top five tracks chosen by vote on the Endlesss Discord.

Unfolding #2 was curated by the Russian electronic artist Pixelord and kicked off on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 on the Endlesss Twitch, featuring Pixelord and his hand-picked group of jammers, including A.Fruit, Dranq, Dead Kousin, Koloah, and Starkey.

The remix release for Unfolding #2 featured five remixes from the producers whose submissions received the highest number of votes on the Endlesss Discord. These four solo producers and one duo - Firephly, ludi, oddSTAR, Hollohead, and Naparnik – all expressed their creative energy in unexpected yet entrancing ways.

But five remixes out of 20+ submissions didn't feel like enough! In the end, Pixelord also created a fantastic megamix of every remix submitted by members of the community on the Endlesss Discord, which you can hear below:


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