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TechRound Names Endlesss in Top Ten of UK Music and AudioTech Companies

Joining companies like, MelodyVR, Sofar Sounds and Audoo

On August 2nd, 2021, TechRound published their list of the Top 28 UK Music and Audiotech Companies, featuring Endlesss at #10!

As selected by the TechRound team, the criteria for the list includes the creativity and innovation of the company, usefulness of the product, how the company stands out in its niche, and the experience of the founders/team. In the words of TechRound:

"Endlesss is a collaborative music-making app that’s on a mission to be the torchbearer of music innovations and NFTs. The company was launched at the beginning of lockdown last year, and combines software recreations of drum machines, samplers, synths and FX, with a “tap to loop” workflow. The app also accepts live audio for use with guitars, mics and other external instruments. Tim believes that music has always been about performance and that the future of media will be conversational interactions over passive consumption.

"Through Endlesss, the founder, Tim Exile, pioneers what he calls the ‘Flow Machine’ – this is a completely improvisational space where people collaborate and ‘jam’, experimenting with music creation and stumbling across truly exciting and (quite frankly) brilliant sounds and rhythms.

"Endlesss started as an instrument that Tim developed, which allowed him to take a spontaneous performative approach to improvising electronic music. He wanted to liberate himself from the perfectionism that he fell into in long solitary hours in his studio. They’ve had some great achievements and hit some exciting milestones since launching. For example, they did a really great launch-day stream last year with Imogen Heap, Flux Pavilion, KiNK, Coldcut, and more.

"He’s worked with some of the best in the business — particularly since creating a name for himself in the electronic and drum and bass space as a result of many live performances, and after launching his collaborative music-making app Endlesss at the start of the pandemic, Tim is effectively everywhere, spreading his contagious outlook on the beauty of music creation when it’s completely improvised with an app that’s been dubbed the Clubhouse for music."

TechRound is the latest entry in a ongoing series of coverage and celebrations of Endlesss

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"We miss the life-affirming joys of live music and collaboration. But the restrictions of 2020 have focused our attention on products that allow for long-range collaboration and connectivity. Courtesy of industry guru Tim Exile, the Endlesss app lets users create fluid online jams with others around the world. It’s slick and fun to use, so download the free version and try it out with some friends."


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