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The Endlesss Beat Machine: The Genesis of New Music

"There are no distractions, you're pulled into play for hours, not hunched over a desk but moving and dancing about upright. The integrated physical controls take Endlesss to a new level. An insanely fun play medium that whisks you into your flow." - Imogen Heap

As creativity is set to be disrupted by AI, real-world experiences that bring us together and prove our humanity will become more and more important. The 21st century needs its answer to the piano in the living room or local bar, the instrument that brings everyone together whether you can play Chopin or Chopsticks or are just there to enjoy the masters at work.

The Beat Machine taps into something essential to our times and we have big plans to take all opportunities to give people access to this new, exciting musical experience.

What is the Beat Machine?

"The Beat Machine puts musical creativity at the centre of any private or public space." - Tim Exile

The Endlesss Beat Machine is the world’s first beatmaking arcade machine. One day, multi-talented Endlesss community member NJ Lang posted in our Discord server "What if Endlesss was an arcade machine?". Everyone loved the idea. No one thought it would happen. Then he actually went and built it.

NJ's prototype was too good to keep to ourselves, so we took it to NFT.NYC. We couldn't keep up with the demand for it at events. We quickly learned that beat-making arcade machines have a magnetic effect in any space. After the wild success of New York, the Endlesss team dug deep to build a production prototype. We debuted it at NEARcon in Lisbon. It blew people's minds, including NBA legend Baron Davis who became the first collector.

This marks a pivotal moment for Endlesss, as we embark on a new chapter in our mission to bring people together through music. The Beat Machine is truly our opus magnum, as a culmination of our efforts to blend the digital and physical worlds of music-making, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

"This is the perfect marriage of music tech and youth culture. The Beat Machine is both innovative and accessible. The world needs this!" - Melvillous

What are its features?

Powered by Endlesss’ award-winning collaborative music creation tool, the Beat Machine transforms music creation into a live, social experience, configurable for public use in Arcade or Open Mic modes, or for private use in Studio mode.

  • Arcade mode offers an expandable suite of game-like music-making missions for entertaining visitors while Open Mic mode offers a powerful live music creation tool for any musician to log in and jam out. Players log into the Beat Machine through their smartphone to connect their session to the Endlesss apps and social network.

  • Studio mode expands and personalises this creation tool for the recording studio, adding the ability to host VST3 plugins, connect acoustic instruments, map MIDI controllers, collaborate live with other musicians around the world and import / export audio from other devices through the companion iOS and MacOS apps.

The Beat Machine’s hardware marries traditional arcade controls with bespoke elements: interactive XY pad, touchscreen interface, digital marquee screen, external audio i/o for connecting external instruments, USB connectivity for attaching MIDI controllers and a powerful built-in sound system.

How do I get one?

Book a session session with the Beat Machine at our offices in East London. Our team will help you personalise the Beat Machine and shoot some unique content.

Work with us to create a unique event, experience, installation or even your own custom Beat Machine.

Complete the reserve form and secure your own unit.


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