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The Endlesss Manifesto

Reclaiming the joy of social creativity

For 40,000 years before the printing press, VHS and vinyl, we made culture afresh each day. Culture was an activity we came together to take part in, not a product we consumed alone.

Then recording and distribution technology separated content from creativity, producers from consumers. The media industry was born.

Today, creators are highly-skilled professionals forced to compete for attention on global distribution networks, while the materials we create with have evolved from playable instruments to complex, solo production tools.

Collectively, we’ve lost our intuition to play and explore together without fear of failure or doing something ‘wrong’. We’ve lost untold social and cultural value through the industrialisation of media.

It is our mission to reconnect with this through recreating the primal joy of social creativity for a modern, digital world.


Play is a Super-Power

Playful, collaborative exploration is a super-power, not just a game or a hobby.

When we play and explore together, we create magic beyond the limits of our imagination, beyond the confines of content. We build cultural movements, social cohesion and resilience, meaning and purpose.

Endlesss exists to give humankind an opportunity to harness the super-power of playful, exploratory social creativity.

We’re building free, accessible collaborative tools that invite everyone to take part in a creative conversation that helps us make sense of our lives, make connections and make magic.


Expanding value from content to context

Industrial media limits the perception of cultural value to the success of content, excluding the value of the context: the journey we’re on, the people we’re on it with and what happens along the way.

Our focus on the production of content constrains our creativity to specific goals. We exclude everything that could be for the sake of what must be.

For over a century, the value of culture has been constrained to what can be mass-produced and mass-consumed. It is time to unleash these constraints and enrich our perceptions of cultural value for a new era.

Endlesss is building a new economic model that tracks and attributes the collaborative creative process as it evolves, allowing the unbounded value of the magic that arises to be realised at any moment.


New Myths for a New Era

Since time immemorial, myth, symbols and stories have been our source of social cohesion, discovered and perpetuated by our shared creativity.

The most successful myths of the last 2500 years told stories of exceptional, chosen human beings. This has propelled great scientific and industrial bravery.

But around us now, our planet’s life support systems are collapsing due to the externalities of what myths of human supremacy have enabled us to achieve.

Yesterday these myths pushed us to study and exploit our environment to progress as a species. Today these myths are driving us to our own and our ecosystem’s destruction.

If we’re to avert the great challenges that face us, we need new unifying myths which allow us to make sense of a world where we’re both incredibly capable and a fragile part of a vast, complex, vibrant ecosystem that has the power to destroy us and all we have achieved.

Our mission through creative interaction is to discover and explore new myths which help us hold and transcend the contradiction that we’re both immensely powerful and at the complete mercy of our environment.


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