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Track Club Celebrate Anniversary with 24-Hour Livestreamed Jam

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

"No Plan, No Breaks, All Endlesss"

The Track Club community of jammers on Endlesss has been a consistent source of creativity since its inception, whether pursuing peace and connection through musical collaboration or banding together for more concrete purposes, such as the recent release of a trilogy of albums. Within just a year of activity, the collective has been a relentless and rewarding project for its committed participants, releasing almost 40 playlists of 400+ productions on Soundcloud and becoming an inspiring entry point for many new users of Endlesss.

To celebrate Track Club's one-year anniversary, the collective came together on September 24th, 2021 for a 24-hour livestreamed jam on Endlesss featuring these 28 performers:

adriandz / afta8 / Andy_Mac / Dead Kousin / Dorolfe / dsorce / ejwt / elling / failsafe / Firephly / Foid / honeydisco / Ishaniii / ludi / luke1248 / m0nk / marky2coats / mlilley2002 / mostlyjustj / marcvdg / oddSTAR / ShapedNoise / Slowgaffle / _the boundless_ / TheStuF / TPJ / visceralbeing / vonbongen

Featuring audioreactive visuals by Ishaniii, the complete jam is available to experience again on Youtube in four parts of six hours each:

Several members of Track Club also shared memories and celebrations of their time in the community to mark the anniversary:

Andy Mac

"Finding Endlesss was one of the best things that could have happened to me during lockdown while at home with the kids. Being invited to join others in TC who legitimately love Endlesss as much as I do was icing on the cake and it’s been a surreal experience over the last year or so. I feel like my brain has been musically re-wired and creativity begins flowing from jams with music styles I’ve never even been interested in or listened to before, until now. To top it off, I’ve made what I genuinely consider good friends from countries all over the world. The ideas that were born in this 24 hour jam are a sneak peek of the magic that happens here every single day and I’m proud to be a part of this revolutionary musical movement. Can’t wait for whatever comes next!"


"The albums were a snapshot of the some of the club's best finished work. The stated goal of our club is to create tracks which they’ve done quite well. But the name Track Club is somewhat of a misnomer.

We are in fact a group of friends who gather to play live music together and listen to each other’s work. I’ve learned that while finishing tracks is a major goal for me, it is a convenient excuse to meet up and play live with some of my favorite people around the world.

Living in different time zones, it’s always the dream that we can jump online and find some friends in the flow any time of the day. This event was a chance to experience that reality for a day.

While the albums were created for listening to by the greater public, this stream was for ourselves. You are welcome to listen in if you are curious!"


"For the footage, I went looking for something that could be a universal backdrop to everything from 70 BPM bass-thuncc to 900 BPM mischief-core. Beautiful visions of our planet and central star felt adaptive to anything we could throw at it – plus it was a nice reminder of how we had people from all over the world joining in."

Dead Kousin

"Track Club has become a really important part of my life (hanging out online with a bunch of creative, community-minded individuals who share my passion for music), so this seemed like a really great way to celebrate this group as well as share our creative chemistry with a wider audience. Jamming on the day was fun and frenetic! The fact that we just ’created’ 24 hours of music ‘off the cuff’ should blow my mind… But I’m just so used to these immensely talented people that it feels unremarkable!"


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