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Highlighting the Endlesss Live Sessions

A community-led series of livestreamed performances on Endlesss hits its stride, highlighting talented jammers all around the world

Since Endlesss launched, livestreamed events using the app have been a memorable and unpredictable portal into the ever-changing expression of our community. The emphasis on real-time collaboration and improvisation created opportunities for diverse performances across the musical spectrum, whether the round-robin format of a curated Unfolding jam, a 10-day livestream, Kyle Geiger and Drumcell’s experiment with real-time minting of clean NFTs, or a tribute to Oblique Strategies on Brian Eno's birthday, when prompts from various editions of the Oblique Strategies were introduced to guide, divert and expand the jam’s direction.

These livestreamed performances evolved with our introduction of a Verified Jammers program on Discord, where Endlesss community members shared details about their creative approach along with Rifffs, tracks or links to their music, which other members of the Discord could independently cast votes for. This expanding group of Verified Jammers became a committed and positive pool of performers for even more Endlesss events.

The next step was an event series entirely conceptualized, created, curated and produced by the community. This came to fruition thanks to the hard work and dedication of fancyspectacles, who conceived of Endlesss Live Sessions alongside Hollohead and became the intrepid host, along with marky2coats and others, of an ongoing performance series of solo and collaborative performances on Endlesss, curated and hosted by our global community of Verified Jammers.

With seven Endlesss Live Sessions so far and many more to come, it's an inspiring reflection of our community's commitment to lifting each other up, while using Endlesss as the infrastructure for their personal creative projects. So far, there have been more than 20 different performers, and in one session alone, you could hear people performing live from Germany, India, Poland, New Zealand, Wales and Bristol!

In the words of fancyspectacles:

"At the start of lockdown I was a bedroom guitarist and I dabbled in percussion. Aside from the odd 'dad covers band' gig in the local pub and a couple of DJ mixes on Soundcloud, nobody heard my musical output other than my long-suffering wife and child (and my cat, he digs the vibes). However, here we are a year and some later and I have written tracks, created music with more people than I ever thought possible, built strong friendships and now I’m running a live music show with and for the community I’ve come to love. It’s been an educational journey of overwhelming positive vibes and I feel like it’s only going to get better! So glad I get to ride this party bus with you all and I can’t wait to see where we’re going to go together next! Love you all.


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